Today more than ever, to remain competitive and sustainable, companies must seek and find competent human resources. And this search also requires a better recruitment process:

  • You want to attract the best profiles for your company.
  • You are looking for the right profile at the right time with the right means.
  • You are wondering how to find new skills for the development of your organization.

Why call on SAS CONGO ?

Our professionalism : : We hire qualified, competent and reliable staff for you on a fixed-term/fixed-term contract basis. All the different stages of recruitment, from the selection of candidates to the hiring process are carried out by SAS CONGO. .

Headhunter : Thanks to our network, for your talent acquisition needs, we ensure the Sourcing of recruitment in order to provide you with targeted and qualified CVs.

Quality of service : fast and secure influence traffic and also guaranteed during the professional trial period.

The most to collaborate with SAS CONGO

Upstream, we provide a free diagnosis of your HR tools. We define your needs and build your specifications together.

Our greatest satisfaction would be to reach at your side, to the realization of your social object.

Twenty (20) years of expertise in HR and social law, our consultants combine knowledge and performance to provide you with precise, tailored and operational solutions.