In order to help companies cope with budget restrictions due to several factors that cannot be put aside from the current crisis, SAS Congo offers an optimal way to manage your human resources with our product:

  • Gain the experience of a savvy and HR manager at a lower cost..
  • Get the way to manage, enhance and develop your HR
  • Need for an external and independent view.
  • Lack of time and support to take care of the HR function
  • Need for a Human Resources contact to build employee loyalty and act as an interface.
  • Wish to implement the most efficient practices, adapted to the context of your structure and its values.
  • To obtain the guarantee of compliance with the legislation in the field of Social Law.

Why call on SAS CONGO ?

SAS Congo is the only company that offers SMEs that do not have the possibility of recruiting an full time HR manager or who wish to outsource the function, to intervene in their company on a timely basis shared (2 or 3 days a week).

SAS Congo can take over the entire remit of an HRD.

NB : Many SMEs think that a HRD working on a time-sharing basis between several companies would be less involved. Well to the On the contrary, experience in one will serve as a solution in the other and in addition to the collegial expertise of SAS Congo.

The HR department on a time-sharing basis is cheaper for customers: In terms of providing multiple experiences, efficiency in the work and support of the DG in the development of the whole organisation, thus a greater involvement and reduced social burden.

The most to collaborate with SAS CONGO

Upstream, we provide a free diagnosis of your HR tools. We define your needs and build your specifications together.

Twenty (20) years of expertise in HR and social law, our consultants combine knowledge and performance to provide you with precise, tailored and operational solutions.