This assistance is all the more justified and reinforced in times of difficult economic conditions during which your company may have to prepare and implement social measures (management of conflicts, redundancies, redundancy plans, redeployment). Monumental errors in the application of social law often have a heavy impact on company finances. You need assistance in labour law matters.

The most to collaborate with SAS CONGO

Upstream, we provide a free diagnosis of your HR tools. We define your needs and build your specifications together.

Twenty (20) years of expertise in HR and social law, our consultants combine knowledge and performance to provide you with precise, tailored and operational solutions.

Why call on SAS CONGO ?

Monitoring of labour law
• Inform the company's management of the various developments likely to influence the company, in terms of labour law (texts and laws), and formalize all the information collected.
• Raise awareness among all managers of the fundamentals of daily labor law (HR café).
• Carry out in-depth studies and analyses of case law and prepare reports for distribution within the company.

Traitement des dossiers sociaux
• Handle disputes relating to redundancies, requalification of fixed-term contracts...
• Manage the relationship with the lawyers responsible for intervening for the company in ongoing litigation, and monitor with them the evolution of the files.
• Secure all processes of the company, especially those related to strategic projects of change: company restructuring, redundancy plans, employment contracts...

Social Management Consulting
• Preparing and organising meetings with SRBs (staff representative bodies).
• Responding to all requests in employment law from the Human Resources Department or from the operational management of the company.
• Responding to employees seeking clarification on individual or collective social law.
• Communicating formally and institutionally within the company on changes that have an impact on in matters of labour law or collective bargaining.

Conseil Relations sociales
• Organize the election of staff delegates.
• Management of individual disputes. Supervision of negotiations and implementation of agreements.
• Handling of certain sensitive negotiations and separation processes (transactions, in particular).